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ZEISS Comet 5 White Light Scanner


The 3D white light scanner ZEISS Comet 5 utilise a single camera and projector alongside a patented external light source. A combination of these and other innovative features ensure that the 3D white light scanning system is dimensionally stable, highly accurate and very repeatable. The robust design and construction makes the 3D white light scanners ideal for the shop floor and measuring laboratory environment.

The highly developed software and algorithms combined with the optical properties of the sensor ensure that data quality is excellent at all times.

ZEISS Comet 5 Product Variants

1.4 Mega Pixel System (50mm to 800mm fields of view)
2.0   Mega Pixel System (100mm to 800mm fields of view)
4.0 Mega Pixel System (50mm to 800mm fields of view)
11.0 Mega Pixel System (150mm to 750mm fields of view)

ZEISS Comet 5 White Light Scanner - Product Highlights

  • Point to Point distances as low as 0.025mm
  • Windows operating system (32 / 64 bit)
  • Fast measuring times
  • External Light Source
  • Single Camera system – measured points only need to be seen by 1 camera
  • Multiple matching strategies
  • Fully compatible with photogrammetry packages
  • Automatic data exchange with INSPECTplus software
  • Class leading software algorithms
  • Mesh functions for data editing – clipping, hole filling, curvature based decimation, smoothing, cross sections etc.
  • Feature line extraction
  • Real-time accuracy / matching verification functions
  • VDI 2634/2 certified system accuracy
  • Temperature monitoring and calibration compensation
  • Macros for automation and post processing
  • Can be fully automated into a robot cell

ZEISS Comet 5 Accessories

  • Camera stands for sensor positioning
  • Motorised sensor handling systems
  • Comet vario bench for laboratory applications
  • Comet rotary tables
  • Comet reference frames
  • Industrial cabinets for PC and Controllers for shop floor and laboratory applications

ZEISS Comet 5 Automation

  • Ideal for Robotic applications for repeat measuring
  • Compact / Industrial proven technology
  • Fully automatic matching strategies
  • Digitizing, post processing and reporting can be fully automated from start to finish
  • Industrial cable and electronic packaging used
  • Industrial 'cable guides / handling systems' used

Financing Available

We offer financing options for the purchase of ZEISS Comet 5 White Light Scanners based on a fixed amount payable monthly over 36 months. Please contact Central Scanning on 01527 558 282 or email for more details.


For more information, to discuss your 3D scanning requirements or to arrange a ZEISS Comet 5 White Light Scanning System demonstration, please call Central Scanning on 01527 558 282, fill in our enquiry or 'call back' form or visit

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